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String Member List

This is the complete list of members for String, including all inherited members.

Append(String const &str)String
Compare(String const &str) constString
Compare(String const &str, int count) constString
CompareIC(String const &str) constString
CompareIC(String const &str, int count) constString
CountChar(char c) constString
CountChar(char c, int start, int end) constString
CountChars(String const &set) constString
DecodeFileName(String &path, String &filename)String
DecodeFileName(String &path, String &filename, String &extention)String
Delete(int start, int count)String
DeleteChar(char c)String
DeleteChars(String const &set)String
Format(int size, char const *format,...)String
GetLastPosition(char c) constString
GetLastPosition(String const &str) constString
GetLineNumber(int pos) constString
GetLowerCase() constString
GetNextPosition(int start, char c) constString
GetNextPosition(int start, String const &str) constString
GetNumLines() constString
GetPosition(char c) constString
GetPosition(String const &str) constString
GetString() constString
GetSubString(int start, int count) constString
GetSwapCase() constString
GetTitleCase() constString
GetUpperCase() constString
Insert(String const &str, int index)String
IsAlphaChar(int pos) constString
IsAlphaNumericChar(int pos) constString
IsCapitalChar(int pos) constString
IsControlChar(int pos) constString
IsEmpty() constString
IsLowerCaseChar(int pos) constString
IsNameChar(int pos) constString
IsNumericChar(int pos) constString
IsSpaceChar(int pos) constString
LastChar() constString
Length() constString
LoadFromFile(String const &filename)String
LoadFromStream(FILE *stream, unsigned int count)String
operator!=(String const &str) constString
operator+(String const &right)String
operator+=(String const &str)String
operator<(String const &str) constString
operator<<(std::ostream &os, String const &str)Stringfriend
operator<=(String const &str) constString
operator=(String const &src) (defined in String)String
operator=(char const *src) (defined in String)String
operator=(char src) (defined in String)String
operator=(int src) (defined in String)String
operator=(long src) (defined in String)String
operator=(float src) (defined in String)String
operator=(double src) (defined in String)String
operator==(String const &str) constString
operator>(String const &str) constString
operator>=(String const &str) constString
operator[](int index)String
operator[](int index) constString
ReverseSearchSet(String const &set) constString
SaveToFile(String const &filename) constString
SaveToStream(FILE *stream) constString
SearchCharInSet(int index, String const &set) constString
SearchNextSet(int start, String const &set) constString
SearchSet(String const &set) constString
Set(String const &str)String
Set(char const *src)String
Set(char src)String
Set(int src)String
Set(long src)String
Set(float src)String
Set(double src)String
Set(char const *src, unsigned int count)String
Set(double src, int digits, int precision)String
Set(int size, char const *format,...)String
SetCharString(char chr, int count)String
SetLength(int newLength)String
String(String const &src)String
String(char const *src)String
String(char src)String
String(int src)String
String(long src)String
String(float src)String
String(double src)String
String(char const *src, unsigned int count)String
String(double src, int digits, int precisition)String
String(int size, char const *format,...)String
SubString(int start, int count)String
SwapChars(int index1, int index2, int count=1)String
ToDouble() constString
ToDoubleArray(int n, double *v) constString
ToFloat() constString
ToFloatArray(int n, float *v) constString
ToInt() constString
ToIntArray(int n, int *v) constString
ToLong() constString
ToLongArray(int n, long *v) constString