Happy faces after a hibachi feast with my students (Salt Lake City, February 2017).

Current Students

These are students I advise and/or work with on various research projects, not including all students who are taking my classes or doing independent study with me.


Past Students

These are graduated students I advised and/or worked with, not including all students who took my classes or did independent study with me.

CS PhD 2019
(co-advisor: Erik Brunvand)
CS PhD 2019
Postdoc at MIT
CS PhD 2019
(advised by Issei Fujishiro, Keio University, Japan)
CS MS 2017
(advised by Erik Brunvand)
EAE MS 2014

Future Students

I'm always interested in working with technically strong students. If you are interested in working with me, please read the following.

If you are already a University of Utah student, please do take one of my courses. This would be the best way to start. I typically don't accept students who haven't performed exceptionally well in one of my classes. Doing an independent study with me is another good option.

If you are considering applying for the Univeristy of Utah, I would highly encourage that you do so. If you include my name in your application, I will get to see your file. I would recommend including images and/or links to youtube videos about your prior graphics-related work. If you have published papers, you can include some of them as well. In the past years there was no application fee for domestic students and a very small fee for international students. Please check with the School of Computing to see if this is still the case.