Here you can find tutorials and simple solutions for some common graphics programming problems and using some of the code releases.

Poisson Disk Sampling

Poisson disk sample sets provide improved sampling quality to most problems. This solution explains how to use the source code for weighted sample elimination for generating poisson disk sample sets in any sampling domain.

Using Binary Curve Collection (BCC) Files

I use the BCC file format for yarn-level cloth models. You can find the detailed description of the BCC file format on the Yarn-level Cloth Models page on my website. This solution presents a way of easily loading these files.

OpenGL Errors

Detecting OpenGL errors has been a common problem. Old OpenGL versions do not give you error messages unless you ask for them. The new versions allow you to create a debug callback. This solution provides simple ways for retrieving OpenGL errors that help you locate the problems in your code.

Easy Performance Analysis

This solution presents a way of using cyTimer code release to easily analyze the performance of your code (Note that cyTimer requires Windows operating system). Using the code provided in this solution it very simple to use many timers and measure the performance of each part of your code and find the bottleneck.

Using HAIR files

A HAIR files is a binary file that keeps hair model data (see HAIR file description for more information). This solution presents a way of using cyHair code release to easily load HAIR files and display hair models using OpenGL.