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cyAlphaDistribution.h File Reference

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Implementation of the alpha distribution methods.

Cem Yuksel

This file includes an implementation of the alpha distribution methods using alpha pyramid and error diffusion used for pre-computing textures to be used with alpha testing or sampleMask-to-alpha.

Alpha testing using the original alpha values of a texture cannot handle semi-transparent regions and often leads to problems with mipmapping. Alpha distribution is a pre-processing approach that modifies the alpha values of mipmap levels, such that they can properly handle semi-transparent regions.

The AlphaDistribution class provided in this file implements two methods that can be used for alpha distribution: error diffusion and alpha pyramid. Both methods produce similar results with minor differences.

More details can be found in the original publication:

Cem Yuksel. 2017. Alpha Distribution for Alpha Testing. PACM on CGIT (I3D 2018).


class  AlphaDistribution
 An implementation of alpha distribution methods. This implementation only works for textures with 8-bit channels. More...


typedef cy::AlphaDistribution cyAlphaDistribution
 An implementation of alpha distribution methods.