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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAlphaDistributionAn implementation of alpha distribution methods. This implementation only works for textures with 8-bit channels
 CBVHBounding Volume Hierarchy class
 CColorRGB color class with 3 float components
 CColor2424-bit RGB color class with 3 unsigned byte components
 CColor3232-bit RGBA color class with 4 unsigned byte components
 CColorARGBA color class with 4 float components
 CGLGeneral OpenGL queries
 CGLDebugCallbackOpenGL debug callback class
 CGLRenderBufferOpenGL render buffer
 CGLRenderDepthOpenGL render depth buffer
 CGLRenderTextureOpenGL render color buffer
 CGLSLProgramGLSL program class
 CGLSLShaderGLSL shader class
 CGLTextureOpenGL texture base class
 CGLTexture1OpenGL 1D texture class
 CGLTexture2OpenGL 2D texture class
 CGLTexture3OpenGL 3D texture class
 CGLTextureCubeMapOpenGL cube map texture class
 CHairFileHAIR file class
 CHeaderHair file header
 CHeapA general-purpose max-heap structure that allows random access and updates
 CIPointA general class for N-dimensional integer points
 CIPoint22D integer point class
 CIPoint33D integer point class
 CIPoint44D integer point class
 CLightingGridHierarchyAn implementation of the Lighting Grid Hierarchy method
 CMatrix22x2 matrix class
 CMatrix33x3 matrix class
 CMatrix343x4 matrix class
 CMatrix44x4 matrix class
 CPointA general class for N-dimensional points (vectors)
 CPoint22D point (vector) class
 CPoint33D point (vector) class
 CPoint44D point (vector) class
 CPointCloudA point cloud class that uses a k-d tree for storing points
 CPointInfoUsed by one of the PointCloud::GetPoints() methods
 CQuatQuaternion class
 CSpatialMatrix66D spatial matrix
 CSpatialTrans66D spatial matrix for coordinate transforms
 CSpatialVector66D spatial vector (for 3D)
 CStringA general-purpose string class for char arrays
 CTimerSimple stopwatch class
 CTimerStatsStopwatch class with statistics
 CTriMeshTriangular Mesh Class
 CMtlMaterial definition
 CStrSimple character string
 CTriFaceTriangular Mesh Face
 CWeightedSampleEliminationAn implementation of the weighted sample elimination method