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HairFile::Header Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Hair file header.

#include <cyHairFile.h>

Public Attributes

char signature [4]
unsigned int hair_count
unsigned int point_count
unsigned int arrays
unsigned int d_segments
float d_thickness
float d_transparency
float d_color [3]

Member Data Documentation

§ signature

char signature[4]

This should be "HAIR".

§ hair_count

unsigned int hair_count

number of hair strands

§ point_count

unsigned int point_count

total number of points of all strands

§ arrays

unsigned int arrays

bit array of data in the file

§ d_segments

unsigned int d_segments

default number of segments of each strand

§ d_thickness

float d_thickness

default thickness of hair strands

§ d_transparency

float d_transparency

default transparency of hair strands

§ d_color

float d_color[3]

default color of hair strands

§ info


information about the file